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    Everything you need for your bike ride in Scotland

Cycling Accessories

Included with every hire

We equip our hire bikes pretty much the way we equip our own bikes. There are two bottle cages wherever possible, a seatpack with essential tools, pump, lock and helmet all included with every hire.

Lights used to be something we put on our bikes afer dark but in recent years we ride with at least a tail-light on nearly all the time when on the road. All our bikes now have front and rear lights fitted as standard. The lights are the powerful enough for other road users to see you but not to light up the road ahead.

We've also got some hi-vis vests available free of charge if you need to give your visual impact an extra boost.

The rural Highlands don't have the same level of bike theft as cities but it is still essential to secure hire bikes to something immovable using the lock provided when unattended. Overnight please secure in your accommodation.

Lights for hire bikes
seatpack on bike for hire in Inverness

Tools and Spares

Reliability is fundamental to the enjoyment of your cycling holiday. We buy new bikes every year and maintain them methodically to virtually eliminate the chances of a mechanical breakdown. Even common bike problems like punctures are minimised by having nearly new tyres that are correctly inflated...

...but in the spirit of it's better to have-and-not-need than to need-and-not-have... we provide a wee bag that fits under the saddle containing a few essentials.

At minumum this "seatpack" will hold an inner tube, puncture repair patches, tyre levers, chain oil and a tool for adjusting the saddle height. For bigger adventures we may include a chain joining "quick-link" and multi-tool with chain splitter. Each bike has its own pump mounted on a bracket to the frame.

Pedals and Saddles

All bikes are fitted with normal flat pedals as standard. If you want to go clipless please add "SPDs" on your booking form and indicate which bikes they are for in the extra info section.

The types of clipless pedal we have in stock are Shimano SPD and SPD-SL and Look Keo. These pedals are an extra £5 per bike no matter the duartion of the trip. We're also happy to fit your own pedals. We do not stock Crank Bros or Speedplay.

The first thing to hurt when you are on a long bike ride is usually the part you sit on. Our saddles are not particularly hard or soft and most people get on OK with them. The best saddle would likely be the one you are most accustomed to so we're happy to fit your own saddle if you want to bring it. The best way to stay comfortable in the saddle is to invest in good quality padded cycling shorts and to spend as much time as you can in the saddle before you cam on holiday.

pedals for hire bikes in Inverness