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NCN780 Bike Bus
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    Ullapool to Oban Bike Bus

Hebridean Way Transport

Cycling the Hebridean Way makes for an unforgettable holiday. The logistics of getting to and from the remote Western Isles of Scotland are not straightforward but if it was easy to get to it wouldn't be so peaceful!

Inverness is a great jumping-off point for cycling NCN780. There are good road, rail and air links and we're actually near the middle of the road route between the ferry terminals of Ullapool and Oban.

Our cyclist transport is not a scheduled but operates more like a cyclist taxi service. We will, wherever possible, group smaller parties together to spread the cost if that's what you prefer. See below for dates when we may have much trips available at a much reduced cost. Trips to or from Inverness Airport are an extra £40 on top of the prices listed below.

  • Ullapool
  • To or from Inverness
  • UU
  • UUU
  • UUUU
  • Oban
  • To or from Inverness
  • UU
  • UUU
  • UUUU
  • Ullapool
  • To or from Oban
  • UU
  • UUU
  • UUUU

Shared Trips

The cost can be reduced a lot by sharing the trip with other cyclists. Dates on which we can offer a reduced price include.

Ullapool to Oban

Thursday 29th August 10:00

Saturday 14th September 10:00

Ullapool to Inverness

Sunday 21st July 16:00

Tuesday 23rd July 10:00

Sunday 11th August 18:00

Friday 16th August 10:00

Inverness to Ullapool

Sunday 21st July 13:30

Tuesday 23rd July 08:00

Sunday 28th July 08:30

Sunday 11th August 15:30

Friday 16th August 08:00

Friday 16th August 14:00

Tuesday 17th September 14:30

Oban to Inverness

Saturday 10th August 17:00

Sunday 11th August 12:30

Thursday 29th August 14:30

Saturday 14th September 16:00

Saturday 28th September 15:00

Inverness to Ullapool is about two hours and Inverness to Oban takes around three. We can do transfers at most times of day but for trips between Ullapool and Oban we need to to collect in the morning as it's a five hour journey.

The vehicle and drivers are licenced by The Highland Council which means the vehicle undergoes strict safety inspections and the driver is vetted. We are also required to have specialist insurance.