childrens bike hire in inverness
Kids bike hire in Inverness
  • childrens bike hire in inverness
    Quality kids bikes for all ages
  • Hire Tagalong Trailer Bike in Inverness
    Tagalong or Trailer Bike
  • Hire Child Trailer in Inverness
    Croozer Trailer
  • Hire bike with child seat in Inverness
    Hire bike with child seat

Childrens Bike Hire

It is great to get out on the bike with the family. There are gentle traffic-free paths right from our base in Bellfield Park, Inverness.

We've got a range of bikes and accessories to suit most sizes plus child-seats, trailers and tagalongs for those not quite ready to cycle on their own.

Our kids bikes come with helmet, high visibility vest, pump, lock and spares just like our adult bikes and are carefully inspected and maintained between each trip.

Age 8-12 - For most kids between 8 and 12 the Trek MT220 can be adjusted to fit. It's a proper little mountain bike with 21 gears and 24" wheels. The seat height, handlebars and cranks can all be adjusted to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. Taller kids will more suited to the small adult bikes.

Age 6-8 - Our smallest bike is the Trek MT60. This bike has smaller 20" wheels and 6 gears. Again the seat height, handlebars and crank length can be adjusted to fit.

Child seats, trailers and tagalongs

Tagalong - Kids aged between 4 and 6 really enjoy the tagalong. This "trailer-bike" attaches behind an adult bike so kids stay safe while still having a cycling experience.

Trailer - Our "Croozer" trailer is really roomy and can carry two toddlers plus luggage with ease. Not suitable for rougher trails but fine on the road, canal towpaths etc.

Child seat - For 2-3 year olds we can fit child seats to most of our adult bikes.

Helmets are included with all the above options.

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