Hebrides Cycle Holiday
Hebrides Cycle Holiday
  • Hebrides Cycling Holiday
    Cycling in the Outer Hebrides
  • Western Isles Cycling Holiday
    Experience a traditional way of life
  • Hebridean Hopscotch
    Island hopping cycle holiday - in Scotland

The Outer Hebrides Guide

Orcadian photographer Charles Tait has been producing guide books since 1991 and he has developed a knack for cramming an unrivalled depth of information into each of the 200 plus pages of his Scottish travel guide books. This Outer Hebrides Guide Book is not cyclist-specific and is the essential companion to any Hebridean adventure regardless of the mode of transport.

The Outer Hebrides Guide Book cover

The Outer Hebrides is an archipelago off the west coast of Scotland. To get the most out of your visit you should do your research, make a plan, then travel slowly. Please buy direct from the author or ask us to keep a copy aside when you book our cyclist transport or bike hire service.

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Traveling by bike helps you get to know a place. This guide has a fantastic structure that allows you to access the many topics, photos, maps and listings quickly. You'll gain a much deeper appreciation of the history, nature and culture of The Hebrides.

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Charles Tait has filled this book with his extensive knowledge and experience of the natural and cultural history of the Scottish Highlands and Islands. The book also features more than 700 of his photographs.

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